Create and Create Fearlessly, Idiots and Angels: Film Review

Director & Writer: Bill Plympton

1h 18min | Animation, Comedy, Drama | 2008

 The film “Idiots and Angels” written, directed and animated by American independent filmmaker Bill Plympton is a dark comedy animation film that is very unique in both style and storyline. The story of the film in the director’s own words is that it is about an asshole guy who wakes up one day in the morning and finds wings on his back, he doesn’t like it because the wings make him do good things but then everyone starts wanting a piece of the wing’s glory.

The film starts with the opening scene of the main character “angel” as he is performing his daily routine. On his way to the bar the theme of the film starts unraveling itself showcasing the ugly habits and personality of the main character. He is ignorant, uncaring, abusive, morally bankrupt and constantly doing brutal actions when interacting with others. Through the main character Angel, we start living the weird, unnatural and so uncomfortable behaviors while he is making sins and intruding to other people’s personal spaces.

Afterwards, through the other character’s eyes we are introduced to something else, we are seeing the other characters daydreams and internal thoughts and between this mix of very unique animation, story, theme, character arch the idea of good and evil blossoms and finds its way through this 80minutes film and creates a wonderful morality tale about how everybody has invisible angel wings on their back and how everyone is entitled to do to whatever they desire, but ultimately when going to your bed at night you will find yourself wondering and questioning what is good and what is bad, and this morality tale animator Bill Plympton created actually is not so different than what life is all about even if you thought not so after

Regardless, that the movie has no dialogue whatsoever, the animation style, color scheme and transitions used in this film attracts the viewer eyes visually and it is almost like someone is grabbing you by the hand and taking you to a train trip to this man’s journey and is making you see him develop and change from the moment those angel wings pops in the back of his body.

The main concept of the film has been a very well common way to deliver a story in cinema form but the humorous and very surreal structure of the film makes you see this concept with a fresh eye, and makes you enjoy the story like you have never did before. The story in its backbone is a very dark and unique but frankly so silly, and in-fact it is Inspired by the experience of the director when he was in a festival in France and this kid approached him and asked him what his next film would be about and off the top of his head Bill said it is going to be about a man who wakes up one day and finds wings on his back.

Anyone can make up a story, but how to deliver such a basic idea and make people wonder and find themselves questioning everything they saw on the screen and feel every uncomfortable emotion is in-fact not very easy to achieve.

The film “Idiots and angels” is kind of a visual poem of right and wrong, good and evil, and I find it very fascinating that such simple story can become unforgettable one once you use all artistic elements to come up with a film that touches the soul and enlighten the mind.

The world is made up of good and evil, and everybody has their own take

I have been thinking twice about the magical ride Bill Plympton created that screams to all filmmakers in the world, to create, and to create fearlessly, without boundaries and just believe in the power of good storytelling that it will come through. I highly recommend this film to lost souls and to people who think the world is a bad place because in the depth of this story there is some kind of hidden optimism that revolves around how the human kind still haven’t found an answer to the good and evil debate and are still searching for one but they will never find it.

Hadeel Moharram, April 5th 2021